Focus On Growing, Not On What Is Falling To Pieces

Engage with the positive. Praise it, so it can grow. Disengage from the negative. Question it, and celebrate the end of it – in style. Don’t give too much attention to it, though. Simply withdraw your support to it, to the best of your ability. But let them know from time to time that notContinue reading “Focus On Growing, Not On What Is Falling To Pieces”

The Daily Power of Love

If you don’t know how to help a person, send them love telepathically. You can do it silently too.  And please receive the kindness of others. A kinder world can only be realized by cooperation. The support of others will boost your belief in it. You don’t have to walk all alone. Once you areContinue reading “The Daily Power of Love”


“Whenever we hear a conversation or witness an event, our attention can be appropriate or inappropriate. If we are mindful, we will recognize which is which, nurture appropriate attention, and release inappropriate attention, noting, ‘I am aware that this inappropriate attention will not benefit me or those I care about.’ When we know how toContinue reading “Thay”