Repair Your Thinking, Prioritize Well-Being

The avoidance of comfort at all costs is a trauma response. We hear a lot about the opposite, about the avoidance of new information, of conflict, of fact-based discussions… But the fact that so many millionaires — in the media and in visible professions — are actively encouraging war, wars, vigilance, self-defense and dissatisfaction, notContinue reading “Repair Your Thinking, Prioritize Well-Being”

Earth Send On 5 May 2023

“It’s Never Too Late To Start The Day Over” — Lyrics by Michael Franti Welcome to the first week of May, the double 5 (05-05, in 23), the full moon in May and Vesak. Welcome to our meditation for the well-being of all life on earth. Welcome to our Earth Send on this sunlit Friday.Continue reading “Earth Send On 5 May 2023”

Earth Send On 10 February 2023

My Actions Are My Only True Belongings – Thich Nhat Hanh We are meeting in our meditation for all life on earth and in the Friday Earth Send. We are pouring gratitude into this Circle — recalling all the good conditions, positive surprises, developments and securities that are already ours. May everything that we areContinue reading “Earth Send On 10 February 2023”

Learn After Setbacks and Grief

Soften And Set Yourself Free Making new memories when you are sad or stuck can mean taking yourself on a new journey, seeing people who boost your courage, hope and spirit, or learning about a topic that you are not familiar with. You can cure grief and the sense of too little flow by givingContinue reading “Learn After Setbacks and Grief”

Beauty Recipes For the Adult Woman

Eat a poor person’s diet: food from the land, not from a fast food chain. Spend no money or time on vices. Stay out of bad relationships. Be a person, not a doll. Care deeply about something: it will show on your face as kindness and love. Learn new things and new skills. Spend timeContinue reading “Beauty Recipes For the Adult Woman”