Beauty Recipes For the Adult Woman

Eat a poor person’s diet: food from the land, not from a fast food chain. Spend no money or time on vices. Stay out of bad relationships. Be a person, not a doll. Care deeply about something: it will show on your face as kindness and love. Learn new things and new skills. Spend timeContinue reading “Beauty Recipes For the Adult Woman”

Growing Food By the Moon

Useful insight for growers and for star gazers who want to live in harmony with the seasons: The first full moon in May — full moon in Scorpio / Vesak — is the start of a vigorous growth season. (If you are higher up in the North, the frost is gone after that full moonContinue reading “Growing Food By the Moon”

Summer Solstice Festivals

Summer solstice: for 2 decades it was a World Peace and Prayer Day (initiated by Arvol Looking Horse in the 90s and, after a pause, the effort continues in a new way).. and for several years now, it is also International Day of Yoga. The well-being of the planet and the well-being of you areContinue reading “Summer Solstice Festivals”