Summer Solstice Festivals

Image by Yoga in Sardinia

Summer solstice: for 2 decades it was a World Peace and Prayer Day (initiated by Arvol Looking Horse in the 90s and, after a pause, the effort continues in a new way).. and for several years now, it is also International Day of Yoga.

The well-being of the planet and the well-being of you are interconnected.

May our ability to solve issues peacefully and to cooperate in a changing world and on an unstable earth surface grow. May our ability to bring water and fertility to land grow. May our nurturing and our contentment grow.

Many of our leaders aren’t good at peace or health. Neither is the press that glorifies or demonizes leaders and other celebrities and crooks for hits and sales and covers in such a way as if every day people – especially people who do amazing work every day – do not exist. What happens when you are being ignored for so long is that you stop giving a fig and certainly see the weakness in those who ignore you: they are no longer an authority or worth listening to. What do they offer, anyway? Always the same war mongering, psychopathic pathologies; always the same conspicuous looking away from news that are prosocial, that include you and positive developments — I wonder who they think they will impress with this number for much longer.

People-led movements for the well-being of nature, the well-being of your community and the well-being of your body mind are where the renewal of a paradigm is happening and where life is.

Happy solstice – to you. May changemakers get a visibility boost. May peace prevail on earth. May you grow in competence to bring healing to your region and you. Have fun with fresh projects and with responsive and appreciative people.

#solarpeak #intheNorth #summersolstice #longdaylight

#PeaceandPrayerDay #YogaDay


21 June 2017

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