Trust Your Feelings (and Reexamine Your Wishes)

The Wild Garden, painted by Emmanuel Garant, Quebec. @

Feelings are rejuvenating and make life colourful.

Contemporary culture reduces feelings and overemphasizes wishes.

Allow your feelings to be what they are, and manage your wishes.

How can you know which is which; what is the difference between feelings and wishes?

Feelings are intelligent and a keen guidance system. Acknowledging them gives you peace.

Wishes don’t give you peace, but leave you feeling imbalanced, not quite centred, prodding you toward actions that may not be in your best interest.

Trust your feelings. Reexamine your wishes. Some wishes are backed by your feelings – pursue those. Wishes that have no support from your emotions provide no satisfaction.

Awareness lets you recognize the different energies in feelings and in wishes.

When in doubt, observe people who are emotionally smart, who look fulfilled, and learn from them. The higher the emotional intelligence in a person, the more satisfied she is, the better his life choices, the easier she gives up self-harm and delusion. Look at the person who continuously moves into more harmony and beauty. This is the person who knows and is led by his feelings.

16 August 2014

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