Radical Self-Acceptance – Try It

Self-acceptance is the way. Not only do you get unattractive to bullies, invisible to the unwholesome, and a riddle to those play mind games.

You also become truly yourself. You come into your body and feel yourself alive. You feel your feelings, you know yourself as a feeling being. You know that you are worth more than all projections on you, so much more. You recognize that their ideas of you are limited, not because of you, but because of who they are.

You can’t make those disappear who wish you ill, people without empathy are everywhere, the insensitive show up everywhere…

But you are in your own game once you accept yourself fully. Radical self-acceptance is the shield that keeps people out who are into power games. By loving yourself, you understand who deserves to be in your company, whom you trust and who is receptive to your love and treats you well.

16 September 2014

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