Love That Has Created You Is Drawing You to Itself

Despite its tragedies, heavy grief, and challenges, this world is a beautiful place to live in. The more you awaken to love (to what you truly love and not just what you are supposed to love), the more beauty you notice. The more beauty you notice, the more harmonious you feel and the stronger your will to live becomes.

You get a chance to notice beauty every day. That includes the less visible beauty within your mind.

It is not always easy to understand why some events unfold as they do. Perhaps life is a test of how centred you can remain in love, or more prosaically, of how much you want to live. Perseverance itself speaks of faith in the love that runs everything, faith in the pattern in which we exist. Sometimes that is all that you need – the will to go on. Another day comes and makes everything bright and right, and it reframes your journey as the Journey Towards Love. Love that has created you also calls you to itself. It wants you to meet it again and not lose it. Your life story reads like a trip to the reunion, and the drama it offers compels you to evolve as a person. When you arrive, you know how precious love is and you treasure it.

Please stay on course until you get to your happy ending. Give yourself permission to feel contentment even if you do not know when you will arrive and whether you will meet your happy ending. Move around the pieces of your life in a way that lets you feel at peace, if only temporarily. Hold onto your courage to love. Hold onto your courage to live. Know that love is calling you and drawing you to itself.

Make time for beauty in surroundings that are chaotic and confusing – it could save your life. Beauty is a vehicle to contentment and inner peace and a harmonizer in circumstances that are beyond your control. Harmony attracts everything, including love. Harmony can contract time and speed up your evolution so you might arrive faster… in the open hug of love.

on May 25, 2014

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