Learn After Setbacks and Grief

Soften And Set Yourself Free

Compost is fresh soil, by Freepik

Making new memories when you are sad or stuck can mean taking yourself on a new journey, seeing people who boost your courage, hope and spirit, or learning about a topic that you are not familiar with. You can cure grief and the sense of too little flow by giving your mind a different diet and by immersing your senses in something restorative, balancing, in self-care.

Depending on your temperament, you will either amp it up or dial it down.

Try dialling it down — because it is easier to hear your heart when you slow down. It might counsel you to move away from sources of conflict, unproductive situations, mental workouts that keep you in conflict orientation. Grief and times when nothing seems to be moving for good are the best times to give up addictions and all addictive behaviours, because the revelation that they are no fun is likely to rise, and your mind is probably not going to step in to defend something that would be so easy to outgrow.

Drop stuff. Make space. Get moving. Get lighter. Take in new contents. Observe nature and its non-interference with rot and its service to growth.

21 February 2022

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