Learn After Setbacks and Grief

Soften And Set Yourself Free Making new memories when you are sad or stuck can mean taking yourself on a new journey, seeing people who boost your courage, hope and spirit, or learning about a topic that you are not familiar with. You can cure grief and the sense of too little flow by givingContinue reading “Learn After Setbacks and Grief”

Daily Thanks

I am grateful for the freedom to compost thoughts that are unhelpful and untrue. I am grateful for the freedom to promote thoughts that are benign and true. I am grateful for the freedom to tolerate thoughts that are neither benign nor helpful, neither true nor untrue, but somewhere in between. I am free toContinue reading “Daily Thanks”

Goodbye, October. Welcome, November.

—The End Of the Harvest, October’s Blue Moon, Full Moon In Taurus — It is the Day of Dead weekend. The veil between the visible and the invisible realm is thin. The moon is full, as we transition from one month to another. It should be a memorable night. The moon is in Taurus, theContinue reading “Goodbye, October. Welcome, November.”