The Foresight of the Ancestors

The wisdom of the elders is only a wisdom if the elders were wiser than you — if they made better choices, less harmful choices, were luckier as a result of their decisions, and if they had sense. The reason why we have plenty of extremism instead of wisdom in this era is that theContinue reading “The Foresight of the Ancestors”

Goodbye, October. Welcome, November.

—The End Of the Harvest, October’s Blue Moon, Full Moon In Taurus — It is the Day of Dead weekend. The veil between the visible and the invisible realm is thin. The moon is full, as we transition from one month to another. It should be a memorable night. The moon is in Taurus, theContinue reading “Goodbye, October. Welcome, November.”

Late October—Liminal Time

The veil between the visible and invisible world is thin now. Here is a thank you to all our ancestors, in my own words from last summer: Life is an immeasurable blessing, an offering of love, an opportunity to bring peace and freshness to all living beings — you got it, because your ancestors cooperated.Continue reading “Late October—Liminal Time”