The Leonids Are Peaking Tonight

They are still active for a few days after tonight. The moon is still small and the lunar light pretty faint, so you should get a good look at them – on a clear night. The Leonids are the second largest meteor shower of the year. (The Perseids in August seem even more spectacular, andContinue reading “The Leonids Are Peaking Tonight”

New Moon In November: Gratification

This new moon is refreshing. What a perfect time to declutter, refresh, cleanse and renew: your home, your body, and your mind. Bring fresh energy into your home by letting go of things that you do not use anymore. Take the quality stuff that has served its purpose to charity, or offer it to aContinue reading “New Moon In November: Gratification”

Swans and Geese On a Sunlit Morning In November

I left home early this morning. Leaves of all shapes in golden and fire colours were scattered on the ground. The aroma of dry leaves and sunlit soil saturated the air. The sky was clear, a deep blue. It was a postcard pretty autumn day. In the first five minutes, I got an unforgettable view:Continue reading “Swans and Geese On a Sunlit Morning In November”

Goodbye, October. Welcome, November.

—The End Of the Harvest, October’s Blue Moon, Full Moon In Taurus — It is the Day of Dead weekend. The veil between the visible and the invisible realm is thin. The moon is full, as we transition from one month to another. It should be a memorable night. The moon is in Taurus, theContinue reading “Goodbye, October. Welcome, November.”