New Moon In November: Gratification

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This new moon is refreshing. What a perfect time to declutter, refresh, cleanse and renew: your home, your body, and your mind.

Bring fresh energy into your home by letting go of things that you do not use anymore. Take the quality stuff that has served its purpose to charity, or offer it to a friend who wants it and will use it. Compost the compostables. Get every other type of trash out of sight and, then, out of your home.

Let fresh air into your home: open your windows. Let new air come in. Clean up your entryway and your entrance. Dust off your doors. Hang up your seasonal decor and string lights. 

I like plain candles for the golden glow of fire in the home. The more the merrier. I like fairy lights too, that extra light in this light-poor season. Since it is Diwali, the festival of lights in India, I am in resonance with it on this weekend.

While full moons are about maximum absorption, new moons are about maximum detox.

On new moon, cleaning is a breeze. Water binds dirt and removes dirt in a snap. You might have noticed before how thoroughly and easily water cleans your dishes, counters, windows, floors and laundry. If you have not, notice it now. Then, compare that to cleaning during the waxing and on full moon.

This evening, you can take a bath with herbs, seaweed, epsom salt and your favourite essential oils. It will draw out impurities and make you feel pampered. It is a pleasant ritual to let go of old skin and to decompress and to invite good dreams before sleep.

If you give these suggestions a try, you will have purified your space and your body with the help of the four elements:

the fresh air you let in is the air; candles are fire; compost, dusting and tidying up are earth; cleaning and a bath are water.

What other activities are auspicious on this day? 

Delve into the feminine mysteries. If you are a man, delve into the masculine mysteries. (I don’t know enough about women who explore masculine mysteries, or men who explore feminine mysteries, and what their results should be or are. I let them speak about their experiences… While I speak about what I am familiar with.) The majority of people still identify with their own gender. Today is a good day to drop into the body. Be physical. Listen to drums. Dance to the drum beat. Make love to your lover. 

Do not give all the waking hours of this day to intellectual work, to concepts and theories, to learning or to jokes. Do not ruminate all day. It would be a misuse of time. When the moon is in Scorpio, let your body lead.

Moon in Scorpio affects your reproductive system and sexual organs. Avoid scheduling ops that cut into them. Instead, be kind to these body parts and to your svadhisthana chakra that generates the juice of life and your creativity.

Moon in Scorpio awakens the senses, most notably the nose. You might very well have a moment of clairalience (clear smelling) that warns you about a beverage or food that your body does not thrive on, that directs you to your future partner, that gives you data points about what pleases you (particularly if you are a woman) and about what you will take a stronger stand on (particularly if you are a man).

Moon in Scorpio awakens the warrior within, the researcher, and the seducer. Those three influences seem unrelated on their own; yet the Scorpio archetype unites, and blends, them. From the angle of survival, death and rebirth, and the human experience of being conceived, born and living towards a certain death, and having needs and urges that we want to satisfy while we can, we pack into the life that we are given as many ecstatic moments and as few threats to ourselves as possible. It is in our best interest to have a place that we can retreat to, to drink clean water, to eat food that supports the body and makes us healthier, to mate with someone who is good to us, who will make a good parent and who has good and compatible genes, and who will subtract from the stress of living. These themes belong to Scorpio. That is Scorpio’s domain. That is why Scorpio is a warrior, a detective and a seducer; and why, when the moon transits Scorpio, we have slightly altered perceptions and priorities than on other days of the month.

The moon in Scorpio can be intense. However, this new moon is atypical and more dynamic: it moves out of Scorpio and enters Sagittarius in broad day light. So this new moon is about flow. Flow from depth (Scorpio) to generosity and good vibes (Sagittarius). 

You can certainly make it like that!

Add to the mottos of freshness, clearing, cleaning, shedding, composting and decorating the possibility of a makeover. Earlier this year, a lot of people worked on their homes and garden and made over their residence, so that it would serve them better. Many relocated. Sheltering-in-place gave people an idea about where they should be living, or it was simply time to move. A lot of people changed their diets. Many went plant-based. Many started to prepare more plant-based dishes. Everyone is at a different place in their journey; but this trend is good and will accelerate in the coming years. More demand for vegan and vegetarian produce and products is changing the market for everyone’s good.

Since late summer, people started to makeover their personal style too. That is in line with the transformation and introspection that 2020 offered: people are coming home to themselves. They make themselves more attractive, fitter, better adapted to the environment that they want to inhabit, and they rejuvenate their appearance to suit the moment in time.

These are symptoms of aliveness, of attitudes opening, of becoming more conscious about personal power, and even of subtle respect for the community, for communal values and social norms. In North America, respect for community is a new thing. Every step towards it should be encouraged — not only for the sake of seeing better looking people, but also for the sake of well-being and for the sake of communal harmony. Communal harmony can deescalate the social war that has been in the making in the last twelve years. Social war is the wrong path. It is not inescapable. People can turn it around. 

It has to start from somewhere. Why not in your community? Why not in your own home? Why not with this new moon?

Rise above conflict addiction, toxic choices, self-endangerment, and the entourage that offers you nothing good or nothing — nature shows that life operates by cooperation and through mutually beneficial networks on behalf of life.

Now is a great time to establish routines of health, self-love and form new networks. People want to be your friends. Show yourself to these people. Choose love.

15 November 2020

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