The Leonids Are Peaking Tonight

They are still active for a few days after tonight. The moon is still small and the lunar light pretty faint, so you should get a good look at them – on a clear night.

The Leonids are the second largest meteor shower of the year. (The Perseids in August seem even more spectacular, and it is summer, so your chance of casually observing them is huge.) The Leonids fall into a colder time of the year, and require a bit of preparation (at least where I live, where November is very moody, with heavy winds and rain storms, often even frost and occasional snow, and some warm days too); the setting is just different.

I watched the meteorites on new moon. I am glad to be alive when I star gaze.

The Leonids provide a boost of creativity.. Every year, I get splendid ideas or a direction about where to put my energy in the next season.. It is a holistic and engaging extravaganza.

Look up. Enjoy.

Let me know about your own experience!

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