Swans and Geese On a Sunlit Morning In November

I left home early this morning. Leaves of all shapes in golden and fire colours were scattered on the ground. The aroma of dry leaves and sunlit soil saturated the air. The sky was clear, a deep blue. It was a postcard pretty autumn day. In the first five minutes, I got an unforgettable view:

2 couples of white swans, a couple of mottled swans, and a couple of Canada geese swimming on the calm, mirror-like water surface.

Eight birds that have mesmerized many cultures and that feature in so many myths and folk legends as the bringers of poetic and creative inspiration, as symbols of grace and spiritual stature. Swans accompany Saraswati, the goddess of learning, knowledge, music, poetry and rivers. Geese are icons of writers, of smart leadership, and even of soul family, because of their feathers, flight in V-formation, team orientation, seasonal journeys and elevated perspective. In Hans Christian Andersen’s story The Ugly Duckling, a swan discovers his beauty and his true clan – after he is pushed out of all his comforts and after many struggles with rejection, not-belonging and confusion. This is a story about coming into one’s own power and no longer hiding that light under a bushel.

The fact that they were 8, the infinity symbol turned vertical, moved me. 8 is one of my favourite numbers.

The scene was a harbinger of good news to me and to all who resonate with it.

The end of the year will unfold with ease, expose blessings, inner beauty and character, support your projects with perfect timing and elegance, and give you abundant opportunities to appreciate life and your journey.

(If you encounter the opposite? Well, are you with your clan? Are you aligned with your purpose?

Chances are – you are not!

Redirect your focus to constructive goals. Open yourself to more suitable companions.

2020 has shown me the heart of people, unlike any other year before. It was disillusioning, frequently ugly, and not smooth at all. I say that as a reiki teacher with over 25 years of reiki practice and as a person with a large reservoir for optimism and who communicates kindly on most days. I am glad that I cut chords with people I don’t want to think about anymore or “carry” into the next chapter. Mind you, not all were meanies; but many were burdens, imitators, too moody for me, unresponsive to my good news, and would not reach out to me either when I had very sad news early in the year. Until then, I had thought of them as friends for life. I faced the truth that I have no more common ground with characters who behave like that. I have not missed them at all. An ulcer I fought with all of 2019 calmed down and healed as well.

So the swans and geese were meaningful messengers to me today: Soul family are people with whom relationships work.

I repeat: Soul family are people with whom relationships work.

Unresponsive people and people whose patterns bother you are better left in the past. Good-byes work wonders. They open the space for self-discovery and self-acceptance and for people who are a much better match.)

May this open your heart to what Life wants to show you.

10 November 2020

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