Swans and Geese On a Sunlit Morning In November

I left home early this morning. Leaves of all shapes in golden and fire colours were scattered on the ground. The aroma of dry leaves and sunlit soil saturated the air. The sky was clear, a deep blue. It was a postcard pretty autumn day. In the first five minutes, I got an unforgettable view:Continue reading “Swans and Geese On a Sunlit Morning In November”

Don’t Shoot the Messenger. Just Examine Him.

If you want to keep your mind serving you and stay free of interference by people who have their own agendas, their own flaws, their own destinations, their own demands on you… And if you want to arrive at an objective conclusion about what the facts are and what needs to be done and whatContinue reading “Don’t Shoot the Messenger. Just Examine Him.”