Don’t Shoot the Messenger. Just Examine Him.

To whom do those writing hands belong? / Image by Australia Business Insider

If you want to keep your mind serving you and stay free of interference by people who have their own agendas, their own flaws, their own destinations, their own demands on you… And if you want to arrive at an objective conclusion about what the facts are and what needs to be done and what you can offer.

Nothing is harder to come by in our era than an objective conclusion. If you are objective, you will be ignored, because your position lacks a certain addictive or sensationalist quality, and you will either be stereotyped as too grounded or as too difficult, even if you are not difficult – but nuanced and holistic and able to handle life with its ups and downs – and although you could ground a bit more. This is because a consumerist and out-of-control culture (and it is out of control on almost every level, in this era) does not really know what to do with the voice of reason and doesn’t trust its own ability to observe, learn, adapt and innovate.

Becoming receptive to new discoveries while also examining the sources for accuracy takes effort. It is an effort well spent. It is easy to jump on the latest bandwagon, then jump off and cry that you were deceived, repeat this process as soon as the next thing pops up, then cycle through the same pattern, again and again. It is not a dignified way to live. If you want to be the loving authority of your own life, take the time to get your facts straight, allow yourself a learning curve, avoid arguments and verbal matches until you have some experience to stand on.

At this point in time, it should be obvious that verbal matches contribute to ignorance, energy loss and stagnation, because they are part of the “entertainment” that prevents evaluation and clarity and planning. (Well, those who benefit from arguing don’t find arguments disruptive of their routines. Taking a good look at them too can give you a few clues about why empty zombies should not be put in charge of any of your decisions that you will live with for a long time.)

Detachment from all influences is neither possible nor desirable. Many philosophers and ideologues have tried to sell “detachment” as a viable attitude, but once you detect what it did to their “shoppers”, you will know everything you need to know. In short, detachment is not what it is cracked up to be.

While you think about your next steps, identify what is colouring your perception and clouding your priorities, take a step back, gather all the information in an unhurried way, and make up your mind from your research and from the wisdom that surfaced when you made your best decisions — the decisions that provide satisfaction in retrospect and make you grateful and thrilled that you pursued that opportunity, that path, that offering. That wisdom is neither a follower nor a product of indoctrinations; it is your guidance system. It most likely isn’t impressionable or verbal; but fierce, kind and alive. It is also like a muscle in its ability to carry you and its ability to get stronger with use.

Have the courage to observe all messengers that tell you this or that. You can acknowledge them without being pulled by them. Once your wisdom is your number one advisor, your life unfolds at a pace that suits your energy, and you notice more and more harmony within and without. The integration of the four elements happens inside you too: you turn into someone solid and nurturing like earth, cleansing and vast like air, fresh and powerful like water, impactful, warm and magical like fire.

18 December 2019

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