The Sociopathy of the Advantaged Versus the Struggling

The mind games of the advantaged could go unnoticed for so long, because they do not care about those who get hurt. All they care about is “normalizing” who they are, spreading their message, succeeding at making themselves appear a norm, or even desirable… And, if that fails, they still have their satisfaction about coming out on top of their game of Divide And Conquer.

The advantaged love it when the struggling go after each other, attack each other, can not come together.

Meanwhile, all of them are united in their goal of safeguarding their resources. Because they understand that about each other, they extend tolerance towards all preferences and ideologies within their own group. In fact, they are above preferences and ideologies. Their concern is not a school of thought, they have no inclination to prove that what they believe or do is the best way and why, they don’t use their minds like that, they do not suffer from their heartlessness or challenge each other about the loss of humane impulses, they may be even irritated by concepts like ethics, compassion, harmlessness, empathy — their sole focus are power and status, and first and foremost, their resources.

Once you understand that, you understand a lot.

If you haven’t grasped it yet, observe.

19 March 2019

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