The Sociopathy of the Advantaged Versus the Struggling

The mind games of the advantaged could go unnoticed for so long, because they do not care about those who get hurt. All they care about is “normalizing” who they are, spreading their message, succeeding at making themselves appear a norm, or even desirable… And, if that fails, they still have their satisfaction about comingContinue reading “The Sociopathy of the Advantaged Versus the Struggling”

Lie After Lie – Discernment

By the way.. It is totally okay to ignore the media for long stretches of time… Just like everything fear-based and fear stimulating, and other (individual) pathological liars… Though we can hand it to the media: no one can cause this much fear, circulate that many lies, speak to learned helplessness and emotional triggers asContinue reading “Lie After Lie – Discernment”