Sons On Gaia

Because old men want to send young men to fight their wars, they are not teaching them how to be providers, family men, responsible, desirable mates, but the complete opposite of that. They allow every aberration, every weakness. They teach young men how to best blame women for all their problems (so the spotlight turns away from their own failure to become a role model or a good influence), hey, any distraction is good, only so the young never wake up to how old and emotionally immature men manipulate them for their own gains and entertainment; and because they are envious of their future and compete with them, they absolutely don’t want them to be better men than they were. This is a mind game as old as some very old civilizations. Look into the Old Testament in the Bible, a classical example. Don’t fall for it.

Let boys know that it is okay to be better than the father, the grandfather, the grand-grandfather, to do better than them, and to be better and do better than all other cultural egomaniacs with power, that vices are vices, that happiness is to be found in maturing, taking responsibility, becoming a father figure, developing fathering skills, and not playing the victim.

That would be the balance to the conditioning and to many problems in the human family.

This is not directed at good Dads, whom I respect. To the rest, well, I guess someone has to say the obvious. Just look around you. Consider supporting something better, for a change. Or your nephew or your son will suffer and become the projection of what old and emotionally immature men want him to be: to be less than they were, to lie to himself too, to not change what he can change – his own behaviour. Break the pattern! It is time.

July 2019

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