Daily Thanks

Multimedia bowl by Jean Wells and Judy Hoiness, titled Abstract Landscape @ http://www.jeanwellsquilts.com/

I am grateful for the freedom to compost thoughts that are unhelpful and untrue.

I am grateful for the freedom to promote thoughts that are benign and true.

I am grateful for the freedom to tolerate thoughts that are neither benign nor helpful, neither true nor untrue, but somewhere in between. I am free to resonate only partially or not at all, and I am free to let those responsible for such thoughts harvest what they plant.

I am free to pursue my well-being and a higher quality of life by making use of the thoughts that support it.

I am free to respond to the situations that call to my heart. I am free to set priorities that grow my goals.

I know that all those freedoms are privileges, given to me not only by merit, but also through the good luck of genes, geography and era. I will honour those freedoms, respect them, and expand them for those after me — for the benefit of all.

I aim for the benefit of all. It ends up being for the benefit of those who take my advice, with no harm to the web of life.  That I know about me. I am grateful for it too.

15 December 2016

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