When Dealing With the Character Disordered,

here is what you will observe early on and then regularly: ° Microscopic attention on the “flaws” of basically good people and on the deficits of those who do amazing work ° Silence about evil, or the suffering inflicted whole groups of people or animals, never challenging it ° Self-satisfied glint in the eyes asContinue reading “When Dealing With the Character Disordered,”

There Is No Need to Nourish a Viper In One’s Bosom

You Can’t Heal Them! Boundaries – Or Bye-Bye. There are people who get a satisfied expression on their faces when others suffer. There are people without empathy sharing space and time with you. Do not bend over backwards for them. The price for that decision will be loss – loss of your health, loss ofContinue reading “There Is No Need to Nourish a Viper In One’s Bosom”

Answer to “How Narcissists Play Games to Seduce and Abandon You”, by Darlene Lancer

Darlene Lancer wrote a great article in 2019 on Medium. I recommend it. https://medium.com/narcissism-and-abusive-relationships/how-narcissists-play-games-to-seduce-and-abandon-you-63e115309552 I replied in two parts on Medium and want to add it to this page, because I am seeing intense interest in my darker writings, especially in regards to how we can approach, cope with, and recognize narcissists or other character-disorderedContinue reading “Answer to “How Narcissists Play Games to Seduce and Abandon You”, by Darlene Lancer”

Growing Plants, Growing People (In a Harsh Climate)

You expose tender seedlings to the outdoors gradually. That is what makes them strong, beautiful, useful plants that offer healthy fruit and delight you for a long time. Plants thrive on sun and water. They don’t thrive when it is cold, frozen and windy. Children and adolescents are a bit like young plants: they needContinue reading “Growing Plants, Growing People (In a Harsh Climate)”

Your Life Is Dear. So Is Your Love.

Even if you despise platitudes, you might have experienced what the other person is describing. You just don’t agree with the conclusion or the way it is said. Know when it is important to establish rapport and know when you are tolerating too much. When you get a sick feeling about the way a personContinue reading “Your Life Is Dear. So Is Your Love.”