There Is No Need to Nourish a Viper In One’s Bosom

Mojave Rattlesnake, photo credit to Nature Picture Library / Alamy

You Can’t Heal Them! Boundaries – Or Bye-Bye.

There are people who get a satisfied expression on their faces when others suffer. There are people without empathy sharing space and time with you.

Do not bend over backwards for them.

The price for that decision will be loss – loss of your health, loss of clarity, loss of belief in human good will. There is no reward for trying to please them. You will discover no results from projecting into them some common ground, common sense, common feelings.

25 January 2019

#AesopsFable #theFarmerand theViper #humansnakes #wolvesinsheepsclothing

#theunpleasable #sociopaths #psychopaths #narcissists #cultureofnarcissism #naturedisconnection

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