Your Life Is Dear. So Is Your Love.

Painting by Nicola Simbari

Even if you despise platitudes, you might have experienced what the other person is describing. You just don’t agree with the conclusion or the way it is said.

Know when it is important to establish rapport and know when you are tolerating too much. When you get a sick feeling about the way a person sums up your experience, that is when you must draw boundaries; there is a lot less common ground than you estimated. It is not only about a verbal preference or a matter of ego; it can be the start of abuse, if you linger.

Making harmony with people who are not capable of it can cost you your health or your mental health.

Your health and your mental health should be what you invest in. Not what you lose by working too hard to keep people content who don’t give a fig about you…

Your life is dear. So is your love.

You will find the right people with whom you can be happy if you distance yourself from those who play mind games, play power games or simply don’t have what it takes to make good bonds.

#emotionalintelligence #nofearinrelationships

15 November 2015

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