Sailing Through a Major Crisis

A situation like the one we are living through since 2020 asks two basic questions: – What will I do to bring more joy into my life? – What will I do to bring more joy to other beings? It is a pity that only a minority of people took the time to wonder whatContinue reading “Sailing Through a Major Crisis”

When Dealing With the Character Disordered,

here is what you will observe early on and then regularly: ° Microscopic attention on the “flaws” of basically good people and on the deficits of those who do amazing work ° Silence about evil, or the suffering inflicted whole groups of people or animals, never challenging it ° Self-satisfied glint in the eyes asContinue reading “When Dealing With the Character Disordered,”

Looking Forward to More Great Music

When there is an abundance of great new music (right now is such a time; I hear a lot of unknown – to me – songs that have fetching rhythms, meaningful lyrics, and solid singers), a huge shift in consciousness is about to happen. When art sucks (and much of the art of the earlyContinue reading “Looking Forward to More Great Music”