Looking Forward to More Great Music

Recycled sculpture by Paul Vilinsky. More fun @ http://paulvillinski.com/

When there is an abundance of great new music (right now is such a time; I hear a lot of unknown – to me – songs that have fetching rhythms, meaningful lyrics, and solid singers), a huge shift in consciousness is about to happen.

When art sucks (and much of the art of the early millennium was commercial, unappealing and shallow, particularly the art that was “successful”), consciousness is inactive and music serves to numb what is already missing, like a subliminal confirmation, “Oh, it’s all futile.. We have no inspiration either.”

In the last 15 years, I listened to a lot of music from other eras… and only to a selection of bands who release high quality music. I am aware that the mind attaches itself to the music we listen to, so I am choosy. It is also a matter of feeling resonance or not, and when I don’t, I just can’t bother with it. “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.”

Now, however, something is happening! A lot of new music is being played and written that is about the music instead of the visual (about how cute the performers are or about the shock effects of the video that mask how bad the music is), and there is singing instead of moaning and heavy nasal breathing into the micro (another cookie cutter tool to mask that the singer has no skill, but will allude to some vague sexiness that must exist in them or in the music somewhere somehow, maybe in some parallel universe, where hearing isn’t overly developed).

Well, a return to music was overdue. And, it is happening.

Every era marked by amazing music gave birth to a finer awareness. The listeners were changed and are changed by the experience in the moment, by the well-being the tunes elicit, by the absence of stress, by the awe of The Zone that the performers are in, by the “Wow, woohooo, oh my, this is… out of this world…”

The mind can not always cut through its habitual patterns through thinking, but music and pleasurable experiences do. Music at its best is a pleasurable experience that you can’t undo. You reach a higher plane of bliss. That changes your thinking, your perspective, your preferences, your expectations, and what you identify with.

Be open to new great music. Support it. Play it. Pass it on.


#thrilled #lookingforward

#collectiveconsciousness #thepowerofart


24 July 2018

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