Music Education and the Birth of Motown

A very interesting article by Livia Gershon — about a paper written by Marie McCarthy of the University of Michigan.. Apparently, Detroit was not only a town of recreational music. Schools nurtured young talents with special educational programs; educators gave kids with promising skills and the love for music the confidence to go out andContinue reading “Music Education and the Birth of Motown”

Looking Forward to More Great Music

When there is an abundance of great new music (right now is such a time; I hear a lot of unknown – to me – songs that have fetching rhythms, meaningful lyrics, and solid singers), a huge shift in consciousness is about to happen. When art sucks (and much of the art of the earlyContinue reading “Looking Forward to More Great Music”

Music Is the Fountain of Youth

Just look at classical musicians, conductors, people who really enjoy music — they remain young in spirit and very often in the body too. And it isn’t because the music they play is all new, hip or vanguard, but because there is a harmony in music that affects the cells and there is an orderContinue reading “Music Is the Fountain of Youth”