Music Is the Fountain of Youth

Just look at classical musicians, conductors, people who really enjoy music — they remain young in spirit and very often in the body too.

And it isn’t because the music they play is all new, hip or vanguard, but because there is a harmony in music that affects the cells and there is an order in all great musical pieces that refreshes and centres the mind, revives the best moments in life and what matters. Music rejuvenates the body.

Plus, a lot of music is an expression of love, either to a person or an imagined person, or to a region. So music is a way to stay in love, to drop into love, to bathe in love.

The German saying, “Evil people have no songs” is quite meaningful and true. I have heard contemporary thinkers claim that they block out music, because they “don’t want to be influenced” by it (no need to name them; you can find several on youtube) and they tend to sell hostile philosophies and highly aggressive, heartless ideas, and here is karma kicking in for them, they look much older than they are and are quite unattractive to look at: brutal features and stares you can’t look at for a long time, or wouldn’t want to.

The music you expose yourself to has an impact on your inner being and, over time, on your appearance. Those who don’t expose themselves to any music are missing something, can not seem to develop their full human potential, are starved for love and then, of course, project their own impoverished hearts onto others, and imagine that how they tick is how others “should” too. Or that their own perception of life should and could be a norm.


17 July 2019

Conductor George Ellis, painted by Evert Ploeg

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