Claim Your Mind

The readiness to defend jerks at all costs, be they politicians, thinkers, people of influence, or gurus, just to be right and feel the short-lived “satisfaction” of rubbing it into another person’s face, is why we have the politicians we have, and why psychopaths can mess with the minds of the masses and are not being stopped.

Of course, there are many other reasons for why we are being led by people who do not have a heart, or a mind, or a vision, but this is the one you have the most power over.

Conflict addiction coupled with obedient devotion to people whose humanity is dormant or nonexistent – and choosing that again and again – is how we co-created the system as it is.

Looking up to someone who has admirable traits is natural and even pleasant. But looking up to people who show basically nothing to respect, even attacking a pretty good neighbour for not joining you in your worship of the latest master of appearances, is a sickness of the mind, a misuse of your time on earth, and the road to regrets.

You miss too much, you miss too much data, you miss learning about useful contents, you miss people of substance, you miss your own development – if you stay stuck in defending an idea or a representative of an idea that does not survive scrutiny.

It has been said that “we are the ones we have been waiting for”. That goes in both directions: we engage in our healing, or we engage in the progression of an illness that already has a cure.

You can take the time to think and then step up for a worthy cause from a place of love and discernment.

Controversy sells, of course, but provides no nutrients. Which is its lure: from deprivation, all addictions start, and all addictions that remain unconquered end badly – for everyone involved.

#decolonizeyourmind #claimyourmind #lookdeeply


9 April 2020

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