Plant-Based In Spring 2020

Keep your immune system strong with nutrient rich plant based food and ancestral foods.

Although only few of our ancestors would have identified as vegans (lucky, if you can claim that), consider that their diet may have been 60% vegan and about 90% vegetarian. (Meat was highly prized, because it was rare and consumed at celebrations… Only in the 20th century, the proportions flipped into the opposite of what they have been for the majority for millennia. The 20th century was a blip in the history of mankind. Although it was an exciting century, everything that is bad for us also established itself then – many extreme philosophies, little rest after a lot of work, too much night light pollution, too many addictions, too many rivers full of medication, too much mind wanking and the resulting conflict orientation, aggravation, susceptibility to messages of war, sociopathic fictions, black and white thinking, the endorsement of irresponsibility on every level, because that was so freeing to the ego and fed the enthusiasm of gurus and manipulators who hate the grounded, loving and intact. It was a good time for some people with privileges, and it was a bad time for animals, forests, water bodies, the natural balance, most people and the people of the future.)

The food that has sustained and healed everyone before us for a long, long time is also the food that can keep your immune system tough and strong now.

The ancestors did not eat supplements.. That is something you might find okay this spring; because it is not exactly a business as usual season.

Eat plants. A lot of plants. It is fun to try new dishes made of plant ingredients. Grow food in the space that you have. You probably have more space than you thought: convert it into an edible garden.


4 April 2020

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