Eden Land Farm In Alabama

Marlo and Anthony Paul, a physician and a botanist, grow medicinal herbs on their farm in Alabama and offer them as herbal supplements in this time. @ https://www.dp3herbs.org/covid-19-article Gosia Wozniacka wrote an article about them for Civil Eats. @ https://civileats.com/2020/07/14/the-doctor-botanist-couple-healing-a-community-in-the-rural-south/ Go read it! … “Today, the Pauls grow about 30 herbs on the farm; someContinue reading “Eden Land Farm In Alabama”

Plant-Based In Spring 2020

Keep your immune system strong with nutrient rich plant based food and ancestral foods. Although only few of our ancestors would have identified as vegans (lucky, if you can claim that), consider that their diet may have been 60% vegan and about 90% vegetarian. (Meat was highly prized, because it was rare and consumed atContinue reading “Plant-Based In Spring 2020”

Quarantine 2020

#socialdistancing #spring2020#qualitytime #withfamily #withself This unusual “off time” is an opportunity – to become comfortable with all your emotions and befriend yourself even more than you thought was possible– to teach your child, your children, your spouse, anyone who makes demands on your time emotional intelligence – by example, by example, of course– to makeContinue reading “Quarantine 2020”