Quarantine 2020

#socialdistancing #spring2020#qualitytime #withfamily #withself

This unusual “off time” is an opportunity

– to become comfortable with all your emotions and befriend yourself even more than you thought was possible
– to teach your child, your children, your spouse, anyone who makes demands on your time emotional intelligence – by example, by example, of course
– to make wise food choices: more mucus reducing foods, less mucus building food.. if you “always” wanted to try a plant-based diet, now is the time
– to notice what and who feels good to you, what and who makes you feel strong and energized… and what the answer is telling you about the future you are creating and what direction you are embarking on
– to be grateful in words and in actions for the really good influences in your life and in your walk
– to notice where your love has made an impact and what that communicates to you about centering yourself in the heart, why you can make many decisions from the heart and that the results will be fine and better than expected

…A pause from being too busy is not bad at all…


15 April 2020

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