A Path Is Made By Walking

Do create the conditions in which that what you wish for can grow… or even occur.

If it seems impossible or improbable, remember that there is always the one first person who manifested something that hadn’t been there before and that this person wasn’t exactly listening to a list of reasons of “why it won’t work”, to the lowest common denominator, or to self-doubt, but looked for a solution, approached the goal from various angles, and developed a strategy — often without encouragement or any noticable reaction from others, often without a clue about time and cost, and certainly without the perception of “I am missing out on” some alternative reality, the sense of self-sacrifice, or similar symptoms of the mind asserting itself over passion in quite useless ways.

The path is made by walking.

You can talk about it intelligibly after you have walked, after you have made it. Not while you are in the midst of discovering realms you are unfamiliar with. It is better to walk and come up with a strategy that needs polishing than it is to not walk and put your dream on a backburner and deprive yourself of fulfilling it and the aliveness it will shower you with. Your dream “fell into” your awareness, because you have the resources and the stamina to make it happen. Coax out your desire, and go for it.


12 May 2018

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