Time Is Not Renewable

Use it deliberately, to create meaning, to experience gratitude, to feel life pulsating through you.

Eliminate what doesn’t serve your well-being, initiative and joy. (There are enough situations that qualify. Just let them be what they are – far away from you. It is easier to refuse predictably bad “nourishment” than it is to put up with it, digest it, remove it again, and heal from getting infected with it.

A lot of good growth can occur and a lot of lovely memories can be made in a time that isn’t wasted on processing things that weren’t meant for you in the first place.)

Cultivate your self-trust. Listen to your body and its signals in all your steps into the unknown – it will give you accurate feedback to the situation. If something feels good, go for it. If something feels bad, let it go. Discomfort is neither bad nor good, but a sign of something new and, possibly, of more truth: life will reveal to you how good it is, or if you have to let that go too.

A lifetime can be filled with deeply satisfying contents, awe, and contentment, and it can be filled with ill-fitting contents, turmoil, and frustration. Your mind chooses – from a menu of clashing, incompatible realities – what it pays attention to and what it prioritizes, even while the consciousness of what the mind is doing is buried, nowhere near or barely awakened. The power of an individual is in the ability to evaluate previous steps and the conditions that led to it, in forming an attitude about what life is, and in creating the interior landscape one can live in – gladly.

The more aware you become, the more you understand that all your interests come from your mind and that you created your consciousness through many choices and that you keep creating your consciousness right now, that therefore you can direct the course of where you are going. You can not control events and what is outside of you, you can not wish for “better” conditions than there are, you can control the processes within you, and you can become aware of what makes you feel good, whole and inspired, and add that to your schedule.

Lifetime is precious and a limited resource. Respect it. Live it.


17 February 2020

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