Spiritual Awakening

Illustration by Miranda Sofroniou. Admire her gorgeous art work @ https://www.mirandasofroniou.com

It is my experience that spiritual awakening is like a movie that features a newcomer to an old neighbourhood who starts a garden. People pass by, drop off their beer cans and junk into it. The garden matures, starts to feed them and their senses, comforts them, gives them pride in their neighbourhood, lets them connect with their neighbours. The attitude changes from zero awareness, seeing “nothing”, perhaps irritation about losing the freedom to drop off their trash wherever, the freedom to be unconscious, to appreciating the value the garden provides, liking it, feeling good about it, to inspired thought, “How can I grow something in front of my home too? Maybe I will start when the sun shines on my yard too.”


in 2018

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Awakening

  1. Spiritual awakening is extremely essential if one wants to feel happy and content.
    Because without it, how can you make any progress?
    That is f.ex. also the problem the narcissist has, he/she cannot be self-critical and is too insecure to dare to question anything in a rational way. Therefore all doors are locked for someone with that condition; as the person has cut her-/himself off from any possible spiritual awakening.
    However, having said that, it’s also true, what you write, when you start with yourself, and see to that you are more aware, more knowledgeable and happier, despite all the set-backs, you will also inspire others – eventually even to the degree that the entire picture may change.

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  2. Spiritual awakening can be described in many fashions yet the garden is a clear image accentuating how blooms. Gardens need to attended to, weeded, watered, nurtured. Within are the cycles of nature. The period of dormancy in the winter can point to the periods of going within. Renewal and regeneration to come with news seed insights and fruit in the spring. This is the highest form of cinema. The ongoing film of life and our conscious to awaken and bloom more. Attend to our gardens with love, patience and confidence. Each garden will inspire others to begin their own.

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