Tend to the Foundation

Illustration by Fabrice Moireau

You can get rid of things in your home or at your desk that feel like downers (clutter or useless) and shortly after lose energy vampires in human form too.

What happens energetically is not easy to explain, but they pick up that you aren’t volunteering anymore to feed their emptiness.

Support yourself first. This is what you can control. Remind yourself of all the ways you can improve the conditions on your journey. Then, improve them.

What goes on outside of your reach may or may not be a mirror to the psyche. 

Usually it isn’t. Though some people believe it is – and perhaps it helps them to think this way.

What is more empowering than searching for some kind of resonance (for you may be searching for a long time, if Carlos Santana isn’t playing somewhere in the background, well, I am not kidding, ha ha, I only find it amusing to state it) is to focus on what you can do to allow full alignment with your contentment and with your creativity.

What is going on outside is so chaotic that it can be good one moment, not so good in another moment, it goes back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, and changes in ways no one can fully grasp…

What you can grasp and what you should grasp is how you can meet your own goals with ease, live your purpose, and feel grateful to life. This is the foundation your life is built on. Everything else – the blessings, the gravy, the gifts you will open – depends on the foundation and grows from it. So, it is in your best interest to tend to the foundation first and regularly.


in 2018

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