Sailing Through a Major Crisis

A situation like the one we are living through since 2020 asks two basic questions: – What will I do to bring more joy into my life? – What will I do to bring more joy to other beings? It is a pity that only a minority of people took the time to wonder whatContinue reading “Sailing Through a Major Crisis”

Your Calendar In 2021

In less than two weeks, the US administration will change. It is my opinion that the president was a mirror to people who don’t want to learn and do their work, but sit on their gadgets every night to complain. Mind you, he had authority while he was complaining; he was not the helpless adolescentContinue reading “Your Calendar In 2021”

Realism and Idealism In the Right Place

Learn from realists about relationships. Learn from idealists about promising projects. To mistake one for the other is a huge mistake. You pay dearly — with your health, with your time, and sometimes with your life. Meanwhile, and while you make yourself believe that an adult can change if treated well, you could be buildingContinue reading “Realism and Idealism In the Right Place”

Choose the Best And Let Go Of the Rest

As you clear out your wardrobe and only keep clothes that suit you, fit well, excite you, flatter you, and make you happy, you can clear out your schedule and keep only habits that suit you, fit you well, excite you, flatter you, and make you happy. The process is a bit longer, but veryContinue reading “Choose the Best And Let Go Of the Rest”

Cut Your Losses, Be Present to the Good

A few weeks ago, I listened to a podcast with people who have had near-death experiences. All returned to life with a new perspective about what life is about and that the limits to our lifetime are a call to focus on what is important. One of the speakers made an impression on me byContinue reading “Cut Your Losses, Be Present to the Good”

Time Is Not Renewable

Use it deliberately, to create meaning, to experience gratitude, to feel life pulsating through you. Eliminate what doesn’t serve your well-being, initiative and joy. (There are enough situations that qualify. Just let them be what they are – far away from you. It is easier to refuse predictably bad “nourishment” than it is to putContinue reading “Time Is Not Renewable”