Cut Your Losses, Be Present to the Good

The magnificent garden was captured by Rachel Warne. The photographer’s website is at

A few weeks ago, I listened to a podcast with people who have had near-death experiences.

All returned to life with a new perspective about what life is about and that the limits to our lifetime are a call to focus on what is important.

One of the speakers made an impression on me by saying: “When you are near death, will you really think about irritations, unfinished projects, people who have drifted out of your life and whose names you hardly recall, grudges or old disappointments?

No, you will think about your loved ones, the people who are with you! You will think about how you can make things good for them! You will bring your life in order, and you will want to spend your time with the people you are connected to!”

On some days, we have this clarity and heartful presence and make choices that satisfy us.

On other days, we need a reminder: that we do not need to stretch towards information, situations and emotions that do not contribute meaningfully to our lives.

Gardening, with its cyclical patterns every year, also teaches us attention to plants that thrive and that have a chance to mature and fruit. We learn to compost plants that take away their space. We get rid of diseased plants. We do not argue with them, accuse them or ruminate about why they could not grow like some other plants in the garden. There are plenty of seasons to try again and establish the opulent, edible, green corner that we wish for. 


17 July 2020

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