Realism and Idealism In the Right Place

Learn from realists about relationships.

Learn from idealists about promising projects.

To mistake one for the other is a huge mistake. You pay dearly — with your health, with your time, and sometimes with your life.

Meanwhile, and while you make yourself believe that an adult can change if treated well, you could be building something amazing, sustainable, that makes you and many people smile.

Excitement from projects guarantees that you will stay engaged for a long time and have many inspired days. Excitement from relationships rarely delivers what it promises and it almost never lasts. People change their minds often, become unrecognizable, shift or lose their value system — who can keep up with that, anyway? Instead of trying to understand the psyche and why you can not rely on your guesses about it, why it is so liquid and almost never what you think it is, move your focus to a topic that you want to explore and become good at.

That is from where your friendliest and supportive relationships will grow too.

13 September 2018

#thefuture #growinglife #nofearinrelationships #emotionalintelligence#knowthyself #visionaryenergy #creativity #lifetime #constancy

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