Initiative: Pep In a Consumerist Paradigm

Your dreams of today will be your tomorrow if you make them your plans.

Know that you don’t need to declare them, argue or worry about them. You only have to commit to them.

The fixation on nightmares is energy that can be put to use into manifesting the setting you are dreaming about. All the reasons about why you are not working on creating your dream reality may entertain those without the courage to grow their own businesses, their ideal life, their creativity. Make sure that you are not one who puts entertainment above giving your projects a chance to develop. Instead of laughing about the steps you haven’t taken, laugh about the journey when it is behind you. There is a time for clowning; it is after you have nurtured something to fruition.

You can learn that by observing the satisfied versus the unsatisfied in your family or community. The satisfied knew the timing for comedy, while the unsatisfied thought everything was a joke and never got real about their best ideas.

This goes against the grain of everything entertainment is trying to drop into your mind; but look at the results of being a “good” consumer to entertainment, and look at the results of the proactive who have put their imprints behind them and dared to develop something.

You can attain fulfilment by doing the unexpected. Turn away from stereotypes, return to guidance. Listen to gentle pointers – like “try this, it sounds so good for you!” instead of to the loudest who get louder as they are losing their grip over you.

Be a thinker, not a mouthpiece.

9 September 2019


#doing versus #loafing

One thought on “Initiative: Pep In a Consumerist Paradigm

  1. I am dreaming of a positive turn for the USA and other parts of the world suffering beneath non-loving leadership. I am seeing growth after the end of these fires and a greater awareness of Mother Nature. I am seeing an end to illness and a respect between people for one another. I am going to dream this every day.

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