Sober House Project

Four teenagers in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan have decided to be proactive about the healing in their own community, and proposed a project called Sober House to City Council. They were met with enthusiastic support. 6 communities in the province of Saskatchewan have already adopted the Sober House Project. May many more follow. Thanks to Ayla,Continue reading “Sober House Project”

Initiative: Pep In a Consumerist Paradigm

Your dreams of today will be your tomorrow if you make them your plans. Know that you don’t need to declare them, argue or worry about them. You only have to commit to them. The fixation on nightmares is energy that can be put to use into manifesting the setting you are dreaming about. AllContinue reading “Initiative: Pep In a Consumerist Paradigm”

The Intoxicated Mind at a Time of Ecocide and Mass Extinction of Many Species

It is obvious that many elected “leaders” in our era are puppets to an insane and callous system, horrible and sick people in every sense of the word, neither working for their voters nor the country they claim to love and would sell at a moment’s notice without remorse. What surprises me is that theyContinue reading “The Intoxicated Mind at a Time of Ecocide and Mass Extinction of Many Species”