The Blind Leading the Blind

An impressive vocabulary, knowledge about the law and personal rights, impulsivity, the inability to foresee the consequences of one’s own conduct and atrophied empathy are not wisdom. They are not even cleverness. There was a time when these things were called excessive mental chatter, defensiveness, poor self-control, developmental delays, and being a jerk. Yet, manyContinue reading “The Blind Leading the Blind”

Born On This Day: Maurice Ravel

Maurice Ravel was a perfectionistic, somewhat secretive and super chic composer who loved to entertain his friends and also spent a lot of time in solitude. He seemed to compose “in his mind” before he put it on paper. He thought that he composed too little. His masterpiece Bolero may have been conceived during aContinue reading “Born On This Day: Maurice Ravel”

Sober House Project

Four teenagers in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan have decided to be proactive about the healing in their own community, and proposed a project called Sober House to City Council. They were met with enthusiastic support. 6 communities in the province of Saskatchewan have already adopted the Sober House Project. May many more follow. Thanks to Ayla,Continue reading “Sober House Project”

Canadian Thanksgiving In 2016

I appreciate the harvest of this year, the lovely sunlight, the pretty late bloomers in the garden, the taste of the newest vegetables, the scent of the apple trees, a pair of sweet brown eyes that are looking at me right now, the chuckles of my friends in the background working on the potluck brunch,Continue reading “Canadian Thanksgiving In 2016”