Born On This Day: Georgia O’Keeffe

Interesting fact about Georgia O’Keeffe who was born on this day in 1887: The painter turned down many interviews or cut them short when she noticed that she was expected to make statements about how she felt about women’s empowerment. Her artwork — highly sensual, stunning depictions of the sacred feminine or the sacred feminineContinue reading “Born On This Day: Georgia O’Keeffe”

Born On This Day: Minnie Riperton

Minnie Riperton would have been 73 today. The singer provided her 5 octave voice with the high pitched “scifi sounds” that became her signature to a genre-unifying, crossover, and, then quite futuristic, music. She first sang with Rotary Connection, then published her own albums, and occasionally joined musicians like Stevie Wonder and classical ensembles. SheContinue reading “Born On This Day: Minnie Riperton”

Born On This Day: Hannah Arendt

The time will come when the world will credit her as the leading political analyst and philosopher of the 20th century. Instead of presenting her marvelously perceptive quotes, or a short introduction to how she influenced me, I will share an essay by Siobhan Kattago (2018). I don’t do it because of the upcoming USContinue reading “Born On This Day: Hannah Arendt”

Born On this Day: Courtney Milne

Courtney Milne, born 77 years ago ( – last day in August 2010), was a nature-adoring photographer from Saskatchewan, Canada. I am especially fond of his photos with magenta and pink elements… I used several of them before for my intuitive writings, because they fit seamlessly with my messages. Oh, Libras… and their appreciation forContinue reading “Born On this Day: Courtney Milne”

Born On this Day: Clara Schumann

The pianist stopped composing at the age of 36.  Maybe due to her nurturing of her husband Robert, raising their children more or less alone, mentoring Johannes Brahms. Maybe the constraints were realistic. Maybe she had a superwoman complex that made her particularly perfectionistic. Surely, the society of her time was not exactly supportive ofContinue reading “Born On this Day: Clara Schumann”

Homage to Barry White and to the Power of the Erotic

Source, give musicians (and artists) the power that Barry White had. Too many today think they are hot (?) but are merely self-involved and not giving anything that suggests lovemaking or feels even remotely sensual. Barry White – he knew seduction. The music was luscious, high quality and fun, even prosocial. Notice the lyrics: noContinue reading “Homage to Barry White and to the Power of the Erotic”

Born On This Day: Antonin Dvorak

The genius Bohemian composer Antonin Dvorak was born on this day in 1841. For three years, he lived in New York, impressed by the culture of the late 19th century, particularly the music of the indigenous and African Americans. He agreed to direct the National Conservatory of Music only under the condition that gifted NativeContinue reading “Born On This Day: Antonin Dvorak”

To Mikao Usui In 2017

Mikao Isui was born 152 years ago. #reiki #founder It is easy to honour him as an elder and teacher, because the traits I like most about me have to do with my practice of reiki. It is good to notice that a different potential was there too, and could have been developed without reiki,Continue reading “To Mikao Usui In 2017”