How Life Feels When You Blossom

–Thanks to Antonio Vivaldi– Antonio Vivaldi was born on this day in 1678. His music has put many of us into a much better state of mind. He managed to convey how life feels when you blossom. I am grateful to his birth, I am grateful to his work, and I am enjoying the blossomingContinue reading “How Life Feels When You Blossom”

Born On This Day: Antonio Vivaldi

Antonio Vivaldi was born on this day in 1678, in Venice. His music is exuberance, clarity and celebration, like the sun that warms the air and highlights all that is beautiful, even tickles the grumpy to an inner smile. A non-practising priest (yeah), he praised creation through his fingers. He took pride in completing hisContinue reading “Born On This Day: Antonio Vivaldi”

Born On This Day: Bob Marley

The legend needs no introduction, not even an introduction by me. He he. If you like his music, enjoy this Saturday with it. I will play it in the background later in the day. It lets me forget the temperatures outdoors. My mind is already in spring and what I will do in spring. ThisContinue reading “Born On This Day: Bob Marley”

Born On This Day: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The well-known composer needs no introduction. Mozart is always in season. He certainly knew the secret of perfect proportions. I doubt that he expected to become a household name one day. I do believe, though, that he wrote music for eternity. Yes, consciously. May this concert inspire sublime blog posts this week. 😊

Born On this Day: Etta James

“If you want something bad enough and you strain to get it, it’ll come. Might not come right when you want to, but it’ll come.” Etta James Etta James had to overcome so much… She paved the way for fabulous female singers and left us with a remarkable body of work to appreciate, even theContinue reading “Born On this Day: Etta James”

Born On this Day: W. Somerset Maugham

“It seems that the creative faculty and the critical faculty can not exist together in their highest perfection.” W. Somerset Maugham I am not laughing about me, I am laughing about critics. In certain moments, vitality > mindfulness. Ha ha haaaa. Thanks to the conspicuously elegant and keen writer for expressing it with such tact.Continue reading “Born On this Day: W. Somerset Maugham”

Born On this Day: Django Reinhardt

Django Reinhardt was born on this day in 1910. The guitarist started to get attention from listeners when he was only 12. A few years later, he lost his fingers in an attempt to save his pregnant wife out of their van that had caught fire. His skin got badly burned. No one thought thatContinue reading “Born On this Day: Django Reinhardt”

Born On this Day: Marija Gimbutas

Marija Gimbutas was born 100 years ago. A few years ago, I shared an interview with her (not on this blog that is only 9 months old). I will leave my words intact, with the interview that followed it.  “Marija Gimbutas was born on this day. I will clip in this interview with her, beforeContinue reading “Born On this Day: Marija Gimbutas”

Born On This Day: Edwin Starr

The joyful Edwin Starr was born on this day. He performed with many musicians of his time. Everyone kept a good memory of him, especially those who danced at his concerts. He was an uplifting, unusually intelligent singer with good manners and one of the best voices of the 20th century. He is one ofContinue reading “Born On This Day: Edwin Starr”

Born On this Day: Robert Palmer

We all remember him for his voice and his suave appearance, the suits and the urbane image he presented. But all that Robert Palmer wanted was to make music of all genres that satisfied his ears and that made his audiences dance. In interviews, it came through that he never agreed to becoming a cartoonContinue reading “Born On this Day: Robert Palmer”

12/12: A Master Drummers’ Birthday

I listen to the drums to heat up a place, to “flush out” energies and thoughts that I don’t want to keep, to repair myself after disappointments, sadness and upsets, to come back to me, to feel myself again, to find my groove again. The unfriendlier the events, the more percussion I play at home.Continue reading “12/12: A Master Drummers’ Birthday”

Born On this Day: Camille Claudel

Camille Claudel (born on 8 December 1864 – 1943) provided a cautionary tale about what an envious mentor could do to a gifted woman – when he could. He benefited greatly from her anonymous work for him; he did not need to sabotage her at all. Auguste R. was even more famous than her –Continue reading “Born On this Day: Camille Claudel”

Born On This Day: Georgia O’Keeffe

Interesting fact about Georgia O’Keeffe who was born on this day in 1887: The painter turned down many interviews or cut them short when she noticed that she was expected to make statements about how she felt about women’s empowerment. Her artwork — highly sensual, stunning depictions of the sacred feminine or the sacred feminineContinue reading “Born On This Day: Georgia O’Keeffe”

Born On This Day: Minnie Riperton

Minnie Riperton would have been 73 today. The singer provided her 5 octave voice with the high pitched “scifi sounds” that became her signature to a genre-unifying, crossover, and, then quite futuristic, music. She first sang with Rotary Connection, then published her own albums, and occasionally joined musicians like Stevie Wonder and classical ensembles. SheContinue reading “Born On This Day: Minnie Riperton”