Born On This Day: Bob Marley

The legend needs no introduction, not even an introduction by me. He he.

If you like his music, enjoy this Saturday with it.

I will play it in the background later in the day. It lets me forget the temperatures outdoors.

My mind is already in spring and what I will do in spring. This last tail of winter is my least favourite time of the year. I can not, and will not, block it out. Even the stretches of the year that we don’t really like are good for something. In my case, that is making everything ready for spring and planting and bringing order into some processes that I usually have no time for when life speeds up..

In between, I let my body rest. That is important too. Once you have overcome some things in your past, you know how important it is to rest.. and not fill every hour of your existence with activity, efforts or distractions…

I don’t know if Bob Marley would agree. But he wrote a lot of music for recreation and love and a lot of music for the fighting spirit and consciousness. So my guess is that he knew quite a bit about balance.

6 February 2021

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