Food Connects Us To the World

as Michael Pollan communicated in so many ways. Here is another 20 min long talk meant for everyone. Take the time for it!

“I decided that the best way to encourage people to cook is to remind them what a beautiful, miraculous work it is, practice it is. And that we have been, I would argue, almost brainwashed to think of cooking as drudgery. Something we don’t have time for. Or something we don’t have the skills for.

We fetishize cooking in our society today. We all watch television shows about these heroic, athletic chefs who can do these amazing feats while the clock is ticking down behind them. It looks terrifying. It looks like work best left to professionals. And restaurant cooking has kind of become what we think of as cooking. Of course, that has never been the case. Restaurant cooking is a very special, specialized activity. And it is not the bar.We are being daunted about cooking. And then you have the industry with marketing messages that are flattering our sense of busyness and implicitly telling us, ‘You don’t have time to cook. You are too important. You are a loser if you have time to cook.’ And that is how traditionally marketing works: you create an anxiety and then you create a solution.”

Michael Pollan,

who celebrates his 66th birthday today

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