From the Inside Out and From the Outside In

What you clean up on the inside is for you to enjoy. What you clean up on the outside, everyone can enjoy. Both parts are important — the inner and the outer work. But to conclude that unhappiness is a personal problem is myopic and disconnected, and it clearly shows that there is no faithContinue reading “From the Inside Out and From the Outside In”

Friendly Love

Your best relationships are not with the people who impact you (or cut) the deepest or who make you feel the most useful, but the bonds that are the FRIENDLIEST. Being taught “stuff” or being the one to teach “stuff” and the grave feelings of being useful and on purpose only go so far. LoveContinue reading “Friendly Love”

What To Take Seriously.

Music.Not opinions. You never regret the former, and almost always regret the latter. … Here is the brief explanation for it: In order to catch our attention, music has to be beautiful and offer a harmony that improves our well-being. People opinion’s don’t have to pass a beauty test. On the contrary, the more theyContinue reading “What To Take Seriously.”

Reclaim Spirit: Nurture

Spirit is stronger than all suffering. It reveals itself through a person who is at ease and knows how it feels to be nurtured by love. That is why many who have suffered badly can be a light to many, the embodiment of forgiveness and goodwill, and why they can smile at others: Spirit isContinue reading “Reclaim Spirit: Nurture”