Share From Your Wealth

Make the effort to share from that which is most abundant in you, from all those energies that are overflowing from inside of you. You can not hoard that anyway, and it comes to you so easily that offering your surplus feels pleasant, plentiful and luxurious. Two things none of us has in abundance areContinue reading “Share From Your Wealth”

All Fundamentalists Sound the Same:

the earth’s health, justice and peace, safety and affluence for all are not on their agenda at all. Instead, they are dedicated to controlling sexual behaviour, reproductive choices, the information people absorb and other personal preferences. In the big picture, the latter topics are quite irrelevant, even though they do aggravate individual lives. However, theContinue reading “All Fundamentalists Sound the Same:”

The Intoxicated Mind at a Time of Ecocide and Mass Extinction of Many Species

It is obvious that many elected “leaders” in our era are puppets to an insane and callous system, horrible and sick people in every sense of the word, neither working for their voters nor the country they claim to love and would sell at a moment’s notice without remorse. What surprises me is that theyContinue reading “The Intoxicated Mind at a Time of Ecocide and Mass Extinction of Many Species”