Share From Your Wealth

Drawing by the wonderful Yukiko Suto. Visit her @

Make the effort to share from that which is most abundant in you, from all those energies that are overflowing from inside of you. You can not hoard that anyway, and it comes to you so easily that offering your surplus feels pleasant, plentiful and luxurious.

Two things none of us has in abundance are peace and well-being.

If we had it, many more of us would be engaged in saving the water and in cleaning and greening the ecology — because these are the signs of the awakened spirit.

We are not as many as we could be, given the fact that the Earth is so old and that so many claim some sort of refinement of spirit.  (Where is it, baby, if I can’t detect it in your walk, or in what you choose to care about?) Hopefully we will grow to become a critical mass.

When the consumerist attitude turns into nurturing — the opposite of consumerism — you can claim growth and all those wonderful words; and you will be here too: you will be working for the common good.

Working for the common good, you become a peacemaker. Then, you will work with all who have awakened to nurturing too and our very different personalities and egos. So with one decision you can cover several evolutionary steps. Isn’t that something?

Join us. Be welcome.

11 November 2016

#waterislife #waterissacred #commongood

#peace #quantumleap #earthfamily #RainbowTribe

#grace #prosperity #unity #yoga #santosha


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