Born On this Day: Camille Claudel

The Waltz, sculpture by Camille Claudel,

Camille Claudel (born on 8 December 1864 – 1943) provided a cautionary tale about what an envious mentor could do to a gifted woman – when he could. He benefited greatly from her anonymous work for him; he did not need to sabotage her at all. Auguste R. was even more famous than her – so it was not necessary for him to undermine her.

Patriarchy died in many regions of the world this year. It is still dying in some other countries.

The time will come when some of these behaviours will become socially unacceptable.. I did not think that I would live to see it. But it will happen faster than I estimated.

Human consciousness shifts in a quiet way… at first. After a while, even those who only feel themselves when one group is hurting or at a disadvantage can not undo the shifts in attitudes.

On Camille’s anniversary of birth, I am grateful that this is unfolding.

8 December 2020

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