The Intoxicated Mind at a Time of Ecocide and Mass Extinction of Many Species

It is obvious that many elected “leaders” in our era are puppets to an insane and callous system, horrible and sick people in every sense of the word, neither working for their voters nor the country they claim to love and would sell at a moment’s notice without remorse.

What surprises me is that they are cult leaders. That whole groups of people succumb to the fantasy that they know those leaders intimately, that they can know, predict or justify how they tick.

Witnessing that makes me understand how gurus in the 20th century (before and after too) could manipulate, brainwash, exploit countless people who were otherwise capable, even accomplished, searching for answers that their cultures wouldn’t provide, and of good will, though out of touch with their feelings and sense of reality, and all too ready to give up their ability to process the events for a few hours of “good feelings”.

Because we have all sorts of media and can absorb the latest policies and the more hyped up soap operas of many government officials, we have an opportunity to comprehend how gullible, camp-oriented, easy to manipulate the mind is, how easy it is to lose the mind, how suggestive messaging can move thoughts, even self-identifications (!) into a direction that someone else chose for the people or you instead of the people or you after research, deep looking, deep thought.

Our preference to feel a certain way — those feelings can range from good, elevated, accepted, generous, secure, to amused, superior, empty, haughty, disconnected, angry — determines the thoughts we like to have and the thoughts we believe, and among those, the narratives we are most vulnerable to. In other words, the information that most fits our disposition and how we want to feel has the power to give us wings and to profoundly mislead us.

Stop, Think, and Choose was a slogan I heard educators use with young children a decade ago. It serves adults a lot better.

What should be talked about the most in public is talked about the least — because it is very hard to sell a sobering message to an audience that isn’t sober. Namely that our lifestyles, our chosen beliefs, our neglect of the ecology and the decisions of seemingly respectable, yet utterly disrespectful decision makers have made us unreceptive to the suffering of animals and to the idea that it is time to detox and change course.

It may be too late for a thorough clean-up and a new course too. But, at least we tried.

12 December 2018

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