Born On This Day: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The well-known composer needs no introduction. Mozart is always in season. He certainly knew the secret of perfect proportions. I doubt that he expected to become a household name one day. I do believe, though, that he wrote music for eternity. Yes, consciously. May this concert inspire sublime blog posts this week. 😊

Present To Yourself

About Preferences: Allow yourself to like what you like. Because you will like it at the end of the day and after you exhaust all the reasons about why perhaps you “shouldn’t” like it so intensely. And what about that what you don’t like that much? No good will, no fairness, no equanimity, no onenessContinue reading “Present To Yourself”

Let Them Thrive

I have noticed that most plants that are useful to us — vegetables and fruit especially — benefit from some stimulation.. I will go out on a limb and say that they grow lusher and stronger when they experience the sense of being needed. That explains why many plants produce more when they are being pluckedContinue reading “Let Them Thrive”